Sunday Services

8.00am  Said Mass 1662 Book of Common Prayer

This is a short said service without music using the old language of the King James Bible.  It lasts about 30 minutes.

10.00am - Parish Mass  (2000 Common Worship)

This is our main service with music, choir and a sermon with a Sunday School for children.  It uses modern language.  At St Andrew's we use incense and are  traditional in style. It lasts about one hour. 


11.30am - Short Service (1st Sunday of the month only) 

This is a short 25 minute service specifically designed for small children.  It is not a Communion service and it is very informal - as you can see!


Sunday 6.00pm - Evening Service

A plainsong Compline (monastic Night Prayer) in a more meditative style.  We use a little incense and the service lasts for about 30 minutes. 

inside church for Compline

Monday Service 12.15pm Said Mass